Publication of the Ruston Daily Leader | May 2021 VA L O R Military Appreciation Month SALUTE TO SERVICE Imagine faced with enemy re, in a foreign country, side by side with only your fellow soldiers to watch your back — the haze of battle so thick you don’t think you can breathe much less take another step. The confusion of chaos beckons the worst of fears, the explosions creating a cacophony of thunder that rattles your gear as chills surf down your spine. Yet, U.S. soldiers continue to march into battle, conjur- ing up the courage needed to face the enemy — knowing they could be paying the ultimate price. That’s bravery. That’s patriotism. That’s valor. Each May on the last Monday of the month, Ameri- cans shed tears for those who have paved the way for our freedoms. Whether it’s a family member or neighbor or acquaintance, the nation pauses to honor fallen heroes on Memorial Day. Since 1999, the entire month of May has been observed for Military Appreciation. The Ruston Daily Leader , as always, joins in with the community to show our ap- preciation to all of veterans for their service to the red, white and blue. The third edition of Valor is being published in con- junction with Military Appreciation Month and pays tribute to veterans and active duty military members, living or deceased, to all branches of of the U.S. military. As you will read, veterans who have served in foreign nations and domestically carry forth with their service to this day. This dedication to country is what makes the U.S. military special, and is part of what makes it the most powerful defense force on the planet.