4 Montague County : The Guide ON THE COVER A Bowie News puBlicAtioN iN AssociAtioN with post oAk MediA puBlisher J. M. Winter editor/GeNerAl MANAGer Barbara Green productioN/desiGN Kayla Jean Woolf, Manager Holly Hudspeth AdvertisiNG represeNtAtives Kathy Miller Sherrie Nelson circulAtioN/distriButioN Brenda Bingham Pamala Black Pat Blackburn Dylan Edwards Tina Geurin Danny Holman Kayla Woolf BusiNess MANAGer Brenda Bingham sports editor Jordan Neal the Bowie News selected the 1920s as its theme for the Guide. it was 100 years ago America stepped up to take its place in the world not only as a military force, but as an economic and cultural power. the Guide touches on that unique history for our county and country. the history of that opening year and the decade that followed offers many unique parallels with today’s world. Alice strawn served as Montague county’s extension agent from 1928 until 1930. charles Green Garrett, born March 27, 1879 came to Montague county when he was about five years old from Joshua, tX. he married venie iola Gambrell in 1899. they lived on farm outside of Bowie until charles was elected tax assessor-collector. he served from 1925-1928 and lived in Montague during that time. The roariNG '20s story information and pictures gathered from various sources including: “images of America: Nocona,” images of America: Bowie and Montague county,” Montague county: pictures of the past,” “the story of Montague county, texas: its past and present,” tiMe magaine,,, various old editions of the Bowie Blade, the Nocona News, the saint Jo tribune and the New York times and more. The Guide Visitor’s & Newcomer’s Guide Montague County Texas 2020-2021 The Guide Visitor’s & Newcomer’s Guide Montague County Texas 2020-2021 the decade that roared The 1920s