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Homeowners looking for a unique

way to accent a single or double ga-

rage door now have a decorative low-

maintenance option with the Fypon(R)

PVC Trellis Systems.

Available in two sizes to accom-

modate either single- or double-car

garages, each trellis system kit can

also be fabricated to use in alternative

settings, such as over home entry-

ways, garden sheds and free-standing


A Fypon PVC Trellis System comes

as a complete kit including outlookers

reinforced with PVC for durability, at-

tractive beams, lattice and hardware.

The PVC pieces come in smooth white

that are easy to put together in just a

few hours to create an accent trellis for

over a garage or home entryway.

The trellis system adds architec-

tural distinction to any home while

resisting rotting, decaying, warping,

splintering, mildew growth and insect

infestation. The low-maintenance

PVC pieces may remain white or can

be painted or stained to complement

the overall style of the home.

For details on trellis kits visit


Trellis systems

can enhance

home’s exterior

Fypon PVC Trellis System kit customized for over home entryway.