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How To

choose an hvac company

Going with the right HVAC profes-

sional can make a world of difference

in your long-term happiness. When

your heating or air conditioning sys-

tem breaks down, it can be a night-

mare, especially if temperatures are


Making sure your HVAC instal-

lation or repairs are done right the

first time can save you frustration,

regret and discomfort — not to men-

tion money.

Even in moderate weather, your

home’s HVAC system is important to

your family’s safety and comfort.

HVAC professionals prevent equip-

ment failure by routinely servicing

and maintaining your system. And the

right qualified professional can help

prolong the life of your HVAC unit.

A lot of people — many of them

vulnerable — cannot tolerate extreme

temperatures. The elderly and people

with chronic health problems need to

be assured of a stable and consistent

temperature inside their homes.

The right HVAC contractor is one

who’s helpful, reliable and responsive.

But a poor contractor can drain your

bank account and leave you with an

unresolved headache.

Talk to the people you know. Ask

those in your social network for recom-

mendations. Good word of mouth will

go a long way toward helping you find

the best professionals in your area.

Come up with a list of possible

candidates, then begin investigating.

Start by calling the Better Business

Bureau, your state's board of con-

tractors or the builders’ association

to check on their reputations. Your

town’s building inspection office may

also have information for you. Avoid

companies who have many complaints

on their record.

Upon narrowing the list, call the

remaining ones and ask about pric-

ing, guarantees and warranties. Also

inquire about how long it would take

to complete a job and the manufactur-

ers' brands they use.

If you are purchasing new equip-

ment, find out if you need a separate

service contractor or if routine mainte-

nance and repairs are included in the

price of installation. Does the company

provide around-the-clock emergency


High quality HVAC companies are

fully licensed, bonded and insured.

If a worker is injured or causes dam-

age to your property, that insurance

should cover it. Otherwise, you could

be liable for the damages. Your insur-

ance premiums would likely increase

as a result.

Reputable HVAC companies will

usually belong to recognized profes-

sional and trade organizations. Some

well-known organizations include

the American Society of Mechanical

Engineers, the Air-Conditioning and

Refrigeration Institute, and the Amer-

ican Society of Heating, Refrigeration

and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

Membership in one of these organiza-

tions is not automatic. Applicants are

required to have certain certifications,

meet professional standards and meet

or exceed other requirements before

they are admitted.

Before any work begins, verify that

all the required building permits are

in place. Most companies will file

permits on your behalf at the local

building codes office. But don’t assume

that it has happened. Check with the

permitting office first. Work done

without proper permits could result

in a fine and time delay.

Have a load calculation done be-

fore installing a new system in any

building. The best companies perform

a thorough calculation rather than

estimate. Buildings change over time

due to foundations cracking or set-

tling. It will affect the efficiency of any


The HVAC company shouldn't use

the old unit to determine the proper

size of a new one. If your old unit was

inadequate, you will want to install a

unit that is a different size. Speak with

your HVAC installer to determine the

right size and model for you.

Ask your HVAC contractor to

perform annual checkups to verify

that the unit is running at peak ef-


With these tips, you can choose a

reliable HVAC business that will help

you for years to come.

Darren Gill Heating and Air Con-

ditioning of Bowie has been helping

keep the Montague County area cool

and warm for many years provided

experienced service for all your HVAC


If you live in North Texas you are

keenly aware of the summer tempera-

tures that can top triple-digits, so you

want an air conditioning, unit that

won’t let you down when its 103 de-

grees. If you need to make your unit

more efficient contact the pros at Dar-

ren Gill HVAC.

And don’t get caught with a big chill

when those infrequent winter storms

strike. Get your unit tuned up each

season so you are ready.

Call Darren Gill at 940-841-1053.