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How To

choose a foundation company

As the foundation of your home

goes, so goes everything that sits on

top of it. If your foundation begins to

sag, crack or take on damaging mois-

ture, it can affect the integrity of the

rest of your house if left untreated.

Your home’s foundation anchors the

whole structure. Lose your foundation,

and you lose your home.

That why, if your home’s foundation

is in need of repair, it’s so important to

go with a reputable and experienced

contractor to set things right.

The type of foundation your home

rests on, as well as the kind of repair

work needed, will determine the kind

of contractor you need.

Foundations can vary in type. De-

pending on where your home is located

and when it was built, your founda-

tion may be made of cement blocks or

granite slabs. If your home was built

in the past few decades, it may rest on

a slab of poured concrete.

The type of foundation problem you

have is also important in choosing a

contractor. An issue related to crack-

ing requires a different solution than

one cause by leaking or persistent


Some repair companies specialize

in fixing the architectural or struc-

tural aspects of foundation damage.

They make repairs that involve pour-

ing concrete, replacing blocks and

installing jacks. Other contractors

specialize in leaky foundations. These

companies typically will install drains

and pumps.

Select the right company to make

your repairs. If your problems are a

mixtures of both structural and water-

related issues, you’ll need to find a

contractor capable of performing more

than one type of service.

An additional consideration is

whether your home has a basement.

If your basement is finished, you may

need additional services after the job

is completed. You may require a con-

tractor to help with floor laying, car-

pentry and finishing. If the basement

is rough or unfinished, then the level

of work will be substantially less.

First, contact different contractors

to inspect the damage and give you a

written estimate. You should receive

estimates from at least three different

companies in order to compare prices.

During these meetings, make sure the

contractor understands the required

repairs and the time frame it will take

to complete the work.

Also, be cautious about using con-

tractors who give you estimates that

are far lower than the rest. The low

cost may be due to poor quality of

materials or lack of experience by the

contractor. Ask the contractor about

the types of materials he will be us-

ing and whether those materials are


If you know anyone in your social

network who has had foundation work

done, ask them about contractors.

Were they happy with the service? Is

the work holding up? Would they use

the contractor again? Referrals will

help you determine which contractors

are best. If your friends give rave re-

views to a company, then look closely

at their services.

Before any work starts, the con-

tractor should provide you with a

current insurance certification. You

need to verify that the contractor is

covered for any accidents involving

workers or damage caused to your

home. Otherwise, you may be liable.

If the contractor cannot provide you

with this certification, check with

their insurance company to find out

what they cover. If the contractor is

uninsured, begin searching again.

Professional contractors are always

covered by insurance.

While it takes time and effort to

research contractors, it will save you

time and money in the long run. You

will feel comfortable with the knowl-

edge that your foundation is in good

shape, and the rest of your home or

office will be stronger.

AAA Guardian Foundation Repair

serves 16 counties in Texas and 18 in

Oklahoma providing free estimates

and a lifetime transferable warranty.

AAA Guardian Foundation Repair

offers complete repair. If you’re aware

of a problem or are looking to catch

any before they spread, schedule a free

estimate today put your worries to rest.

From the initial call to the finished job,

we ensure our customers are treated

like family.

This Better Business Bureau ac-

credited business can provide repairs

to concrete piers, steel construction

and pier/beam structures. Financ-

ing is available. AAA was the 2014

winner of the BBB Torch Award for

business ethics and carries an “A+”

BBB rating.

AAA Guardian Foundation Repair

will bring price, quality, professional-

ism and integrity to your project, big

or small. For more information on

the company visit its website at:


Call 940-766-5265 to start building

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