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How to Guide 2017

If you’re putting your house up for

sale, you need a reputable realtor. It’s

that simple.

Selling a home can be a really

stressful experience. Of course you

want your property sold as quickly

as possible, and at the best price pos-

sible. But many buyers settle, taking

low ball offers just to get the sale over


A good real estate service, though,

can make a world of difference.

When putting your home on the

market, you need a real estate agency

that will act in your best interests.

So it’s critical that you work with

a high-quality agency. Seek recom-

mendations from your family, friends

and neighbors. They may have been

through the process already, and can

offer helpful advice on finding a repu-

table realtor.

Be sure to get all the information

you can on how other people feel about

their own experiences.

When you have written down a list

of possibilities, it’s time to do some

research. Learn how long the agency

you’re considering has been in busi-

ness. Working with people who know

your community is the ideal option.

Buying and selling homes is a full

time job, so look for dedicated realtors.

If the real estate agency is merely a

side business, it might not give you

the best results.

Go online, reading internet web-

sites that feature customer service

reviews. These reviews should also

help shape your overall impression of

an agency.

After you’ve narrowed your list,

contact some businesses and ask them

questions. You should know about

their listings, fees and commissions.

Choose an agency that has connec-

tions with the community, a sharp

understanding of neighborhoods that

interest you, and solid contacts with

other realty companies.

This assumes major importance

when you’re selling your current

house, because the agency usually

handles the sale while the realtor

helps you find your new one.

The marketing strategy and ad-

vertising is what makes each agency

unique. It will greatly influence the

sale of your home.

Although most companies might

look the same, real estate agencies

have a preference for the kind of prop-

erties they show or sell.

These concentrations might include

commercial properties or high-end

homes. Try to find a business with

a focus that concentrates on selling

homes similar to yours.

Look at an agency’s listings to see

if your home would fit in nicely with

their existing clients.

If you were purchasing a home,

would you find their listings easy to

read and informative?

The size of the agency will have

an impact on your experience. Small

agencies can provide more personal-

ized service, but they may not have

the networking advantages of a large


Big agencies have more opportuni-

ties to network and sell your home,

but they may have to divide their time

among many clients.

Be prepared to ask an agency the

following questions if you are selling

your home:

• How will you advertise my home?

Will you use the Internet and news-


• How many pictures of my house

will appear online?

• On which sites will my home be


• Do you have other homes that

have recently been sold in this price


• How long has the agency been

selling homes in my neighborhood?

• What makes your agency


The two biggest financial decisions

you will make in your lifetime are

buying and selling a home.

How To


Protect your investment and peace

of mind by choosing the best and most

trustworthy real estate agency you

can find.

Whether you are searching for the

perfect piece of land to build a home

or want to set up a new business, the

experienced staff of Sue Swint Realty

can help. Located at 703 E. Wise in

Bowie, the firm specializes in farm and

ranch listings, as well as residential

and commercial, serving Montague

and Wise Counties.

Visit to

check listings or call 872-5424 to make

an appointment for a viewing.