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Monday, Feb. 6, 2017




~ Indoor and Outdoor

wedding amenities

available for both

ceremonies and receptions

~ Full Service Restaurant & Bar

~ Full Service Catering.

Options available for providing

tables, chairs, bar amenities,

on location staff, etc.



We set up.

We take down.

depending on location delivery fee may apply

Call us at

(763) 675-1472

or email

In business

since 1993!

Setting your Wedding Date: four things to consider

Are you and your partner about to take the leap into marital

bliss? Here are four things to look into before you send out your

save the dates.

1. The season

First, decide during what time of year you want to get married.

Every season has its own charm, but know that the high season

for weddings is over the summer. If you’re dealing with a small

budget, consider an off-season ceremony to get the most bang for

your buck. Winter weddings can be absolutely stunning.

2. The day of the week

If you feel like getting married on a Monday, there’s noth-

ing stopping you from doing just that! However, the traditional

Saturday wedding is a convenient option if most of your guests

work Monday to Friday. Getting married on a Saturday is more

expensive than on a Friday or a Sunday though, and you’ll need

to reserve early to ensure that your dream venue is available.

3. The schedules

Open up your planner and carefully study your own schedule,

and then ask your close friends and family about their own plans

for the foreseeable future. Remember to consider time off work,

vacations and holidays, various appointments and other signifi-

cant events (birthdays, baptisms, other weddings, etc.) that are

already planned among those in your circle to avoid any major

scheduling conflicts.

4. The professionals

Before you send

out your invita-

tions, make sure

that the pros you

want to hire are

available on the

chosen date. If you

have your heart set

on a certain pho-

tographer or ca-

terer, secure their

services as soon

as possible so you

don’t get left high

and dry.

Four fun ways to reinvent


Nowadays, the garter toss is no

longer as popular as it once was.

If you’re not a fan of showing off

that much skin to your extended

family, here are four ways to re-

visit the tradition without losing

its original spirit.

1. Scratch-off

Set up a lottery by making

scratch tickets on which you will

write “winner” or “loser.” Who-

ever holds the winning ticket wins

the garter. You can easily find in-

structions for homemade scratch

tickets online.

2. Trivia time

Find out how well your guests

really know you by hosting a

quiz that’s all about the bride and

groom. Include trivia questions

about your habits and tastes, how

you met and anything else you can

think of. Whoever gets the most

answers right is the big winner.

3. Goofy games

Old-fashioned party games like

musical chairs, limbo, charades

and pin the tail on the donkey are

perfect for fostering friendly com-

petition. The grand prize: your

garter, of course.

4. Contests

Ferret out your guests’ hidden

talents by holding a dance-off, a

funny face contest or even a kiss-

ing contest. The person that im-

presses you or makes you laugh

the most wins your wedding gar-

ter. Good times guaranteed.

If you’d like to discover other

popular variations on the tradi-

tional garter toss, ask your MC.


It is customary for the bride to share her good fortune by toss-

ing her bouquet into a crowd of single female wedding guests.

With a bit of luck, whoever catches the flowers will, legend says,

get married within the coming year. If you want to go through

with this classic custom during your own wedding, but aren’t

sure exactly when the ideal moment is, read on for some insight.

If a photo shoot is planned for after the ceremony, hang on to

your bouquet to include it in your pictures. You’ll have plenty of

time to toss it later on during the reception, once the ambiance

has warmed up and your guests are ready for a friendly floral


After enjoying a delectable meal – most likely interrupted by

several tender kisses – keep the fun going by gathering all eligi-

ble dames on the dance floor. Get into position and launch away!

Your legendary toss is sure to put a smile on someone’s face and

kick off an unforgettable evening.

Two is better

If you’re attached to your magnificent bridal bouquet

and you don’t want to part from it during the tossing, the

solution is simple: ask your florist to prepare a second,

more modest bouquet specifically for the toss. This way

you can carry on the tradition while saving your gor-

geous bouquet for yourself!

Dodge drama

and stay

sane for the

big day

You’ve seen the movie (and its reality

TV offshoots – don’t lie!) and know that

Bridezilla isn’t exactly a term of endear-

ment. Yes, having an extreme control-freak

attitude about your wedding plans might

get you what you want; but is alienating

your entire entourage really worth it? (We

checked. It’s not.)

Bride-to-be, are you struggling to keep

your cool as you plan for your rapidly ap-

proaching big day? If so, take a look at the

top five potential sources of wedding-day

drama and our tips to on how to deal.

Potential drama source #1:

the planning

It is completely normal to want every-

thing to be perfect for what may be the

happiest day of your life. But there’s a dif-

ference between irritable at times, and dis-

agreeable all the time!

Our tip: If you can afford to hire a wed-

ding planner, drop everything and do so

right away before skipping to #2. Other-

wise, start early – as in, not the month be-

fore D-day. Make an exhaustive to-do list

and be willing to delegate some tasks to

people you trust – but stand your ground

and don’t let anyone else take control of

your day.

Potential drama source #2:

the dress

You’ve always dreamed of a fairy-tale

ball gown with all the trimmings, but a

look in the fitting room mirror reveals the

cold, hard truth: you could be mistaken for

the wedding cake.

Our tip: Don’t be afraid to step out of

your comfort zone, and trust the advice

given by trained boutique staff – it’s their

job to make you look and feel great, af-

ter all. When it comes to dresses for your

bridal party, just remember the caution-

ary scene in Bridesmaids. To avoid having

your BFFs wish they’d never met you, let

them choose a style that suits both their

silhouette and their budget. You have final

say on the color, though!

Potential drama source #3:

the other half

Ever since you announced your engage-

ment you’ve been sending out rather mixed

messages. You want your fiancé to add his

touch to the wedding, but you keep shoot-

ing down his ideas. You won’t stop saying

that all that matters is to have fun on the

big day, but keep reminding your soon-to-

be husband that his buddies better be on

their best behavior – or else.

Our tip: Instead of wasting precious

time and energy on bickering, take a deep

breath and remember that a wedding in-

volves two people. The big day should be

a reflection of you as a couple (of which

you’re both equal parts).

Potential drama source #4:

social media

Are you a tad obsessed with turning

your online followers green with envy at

the sight of your picture-perfect wedding


Our tip: It takes more than a vintage fil-

ter (or four) to achieve professional-worthy

results to share on your feed. It also takes

more than a DSLR camera to be a wed-

ding photographer, so do your homework

and hire someone worthy of the title.

And about those DIY decorations that

bloggers and magazine writers always

advertise as “super-easy to make:” run a

few trial sessions with some of your ar-

tistically gifted friends, and refrain from

angrily ripping up your creation because

it’s not identical to the Pinterest post you

were trying to emulate. Not everyone is

an arts-and-crafts wizard – you can hire a

decorator, you know.

Potential drama source #5:

your mirror

The thought of waking up on your wed-

ding day with a huge zit (or a cold sore,

or a sunburn, or massive dark circles, or

a creepy third eye) might keep you up at

night, but these things do happen (well,

most of them anyway).

Our tip: To avoid feeling like you should

keep your veil on all day (or worse, take

flight à la Runaway Bride), have your beau-

ty team – hair whisperer, makeup queen et

al. – by your side to doll you up before you

walk down the aisle. And don’t sweat the

small stuff! No blemish in the world is big

enough to steal your thunder.

You’ll see – your wedding is going to

be absolutely beautiful. You know why?

Because it’ll be yours. And, most of all,

because you’ll have successfully preserved

both your loved ones’ sanity and your own

– that’s what we’d call a happy ending.

You’ve seen the movie (and its reality TV offshoots — don’t lie!) and know that Bridezilla isn’t exactly a term of en-

dearment. Yes, having an extreme control-freak attitude about your wedding plans might get you what you want;

but is alienating your entire entourage really worth it? (We checked. It’s not.)