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Do you dream of saying “I do” to the love of your life barefoot

in the warm sand? If so, know that getting married in paradise is

relatively easy to do. Follow these three tips to plan an

unforgettable ceremony under the sun.

1. Determine your needs

First, decide what you want and set

your priorities. Brainstorm with your

partner about your ideal destinations

and discuss when you’d like to hold the

ceremony. Draw up your guest list and

establish a firm budget to avoid getting

carried away.

2. Call on an expert

A travel agent can give you the inside scoop on

the best deals and destinations for your special day.

Thanks to his or her expertise, the agent will make

recommendations based on your needs, your budget

and your expectations. Most beach resorts offer all-in-

clusive wedding packages; if that’s something you’d be

interested in, ask your agent for details.

3. Send out your invitations early

Send out your wedding invitations as soon as you’ve

settled on a wedding date. The earlier you inform your

invitees about your plans, the better. Aim for at least six months

notice to allow your guests to prepare for the trip.


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Catering to Exceed Expectations

Bill Pierson

Joe Swartzer Jr.

(612) 280-7905 (612) 581-1352

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Watertown, MN





Company Picnics



Social Events

Holiday Parties

All catered events include:





Personalized service available upon


Serving individual tables

Clearing tables

Coffee/water service

Inquire about our full service bar,

available for most events.

Choose the perfect

HAIRDO to match

your perfect day

A wedding day that’s also a bad hair day is one of the

million preoccupations of most brides-to-be. Choosing

how you’ll wear your hair on the big day is no easy task,

either. Here are some tips for picking the perfect ‘do for

saying “I do.”

Make an appointment with your stylist for a hairdressing

test (or several) at least a month before the big day.

To prepare for your appointment, browse through maga-

zines or search online for inspiration. Make sure you have

a good grasp on your likes and dislikes when it comes to

your hair.

Be ready to clearly and accurately express your prefer-

ences, expectations, and even your worries to your stylist.

A good stylist will help you find a style that’s suited to your

personality and physical features. He or she will consider

several factors to create the most flattering of ‘dos, includ-


• Your personal style

• Your dress

• Your face shape

• Your hair type

• When and where your wedding will take place

When the big day finally arrives, remember to bring your

dress and your veil with you to your hair appointment so

you can get a clear picture of your final look. Bring some

friends along, and don’t forget your camera to immortalize

the affair!

To make sure your wedding hairdo is everything

you want it be, take your tresses on a test run by

planning a practice appointment (or two).

How to choose your

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER in three easy steps

Are you looking for a photographer that

will immortalize every magical moment

of your wedding, all while bringing out

everyone’s best side? Follow these steps to

make sure you succeed in your quest.

1. Do your homework

Start by making a list of local profes-

sional photographers and have a look at

their portfolios, eliminating the ones you

don’t like right away. Seeing the work of

different pros will help you determine

whether you prefer a romantic, vintage,

festive, or natural style for your own wed-

ding photos.

Then, draw up a (short) list of the pho-

tographers whose talents you appreciated

and whose fees suit your budget.

2. Meet the candidates

Once your preliminary selection is

made, contact each candidate to set up a

meeting. After all, even if you really like

their work, you still have to make sure

that your personalities don’t


Remember that your pho-

tographer will be almost

as close as your shadow on

your big day. Consequently,

it’s vital that you feel com-

fortable with the person –

your state of mind, positive

or not, will shine through in

your photos.

3. Sign the contract

The last step, but not the

least, consists in making

your agreement official. It’s important to

sign a contract, because it is legally bind-

ing and covers you in case of unforeseen

events or misunderstandings. See to it!

Guidelines for choosing


The traditional bridal veil just

might be the most archetypal

wedding accessory – which is

why picking out this special orna-

ment takes time and thought. Fol-

low these three tips to find the one

that will suit you perfectly.

1. Aim for balance

If your heart is set on an ex-

travagant dress, opt for a subdued

and sophisticated veil that won’t

outshine your splendid gown. A

model with plain satin edging is

a safe bet. If, on the other hand,

your dress is on the more classic

side, feel free to add a touch of

sparkle with some crystals, pearls

or other trimmings.

2. Play with length

Veils come in a number of

lengths, from the coquettish bird-

cage to the majestic train. Every

bride can find a version that will

complement her dress flawlessly.

Don’t be shy about trying on the

various models available in your

region’s bridal shops.

3. Stay true to your style

Whether you’re a hopeless ro-

mantic or a thrill-seeking rebel,

choose a veil that showcases your

unique personality. You can also

select one-of-a-kind accessories

(flowers, jewelry, nails) to create a

look that’s 100 percent yours.

If you’re still unsure what veil

to choose, swing by your local

bridal shop and take advantage

of a professional salesperson’s

experienced eye. He or she will

help you find your dream veil in

a jiffy!

Three tips to help you plan your DESTINATION WEDDING

If some of your friends

or family members can’t

make it to your wedding

destination, plan a cel-

ebration with them when

you get back home.