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Blue Note

The perfect WEDDING in 15 STEPS

You’re getting married! Congratulations! Now it’s time to plan

the wedding. Here are 15 steps you should follow (not necessarily

in order) so that everything is perfect on the big day.

Before you start, set your budget and stick to it at all costs. If

you think you might lose your head, your best bet is to hire a wed-

ding planner.

1. Decide on your theme.

Hollywood glamour, car-themed,

turquoise and white – you know the possibilities are endless!

2. Draw up your guest list and send invitations.

Will it be a

grand affair or an intimate gathering? Who do you want by your

side on your special day? Make sure everyone can make it by

sending out save the date cards and invitations early.

3. Plan the wedding procession.

Who will you pick to be the

best man, and who gets to be the maid of honor? Have you found

a flower girl and a ring bearer?

4. Select the officiant and the type of ceremony.


house wedding or religious tradition? Officiated by a priest or by

a friend? Make sure that the option you choose welcomes your

personal touch.

5. Find your venues.

Where will the ceremony and the recep-

tion be held – in a church, at the beach, in a grand hotel, at the

park, or in a cozy cabin? Will you need to rent any equipment?

6. Dream up the floral arrangements and decor.


flowers will be featured in the bride’s bouquet, the boutonnieres,

and the centerpieces? What kind of accents (balloons, candles,

draperies) will create the perfect ambiance?

7. Prepare your registry and your gift bags.

What household

items do you and your partner need – a toaster, wine glasses, silk

sheets? Open a registry to avoid receiving duplicate gifts. And

remember to thank your guests with a personalized keepsake.

8. Secure an entertainment team.

Do you need a master

of ceremonies? Will a DJ, a string quartet, or a rock band be in

charge of the music?

9. Hire a photographer and a videographer.

Who will im-

mortalize your magical day? Take a look at several portfolios to

find the pro that understands your vision.

1. Find a caterer and a bakery.

What will be on the menu,

and how will food be served? Will there be a candy bar, or even a

chocolate fountain? Don’t forget the cake!

1. Plan your grand entrance.

Will you arrive at the ceremony

on horseback? On your bike? In a limo, a sports car, or a hot-air


1. Purchase your rings.

What will the objects symbolizing

your union look like? Will they be golden, diamond-studded,

massive or subdued? Choose wisely, because you’ll (hopefully!)

be wearing them for life.

1. Shop for your outfits.

Bowtie or regular tie? White gown

or colorful sundress? Your attire for the event should reflect your

personal style and make you feel absolutely stunning!

1. Book your beauty appointments.

Have you called your hair

stylist, your makeup artist and your esthetician yet? And what

about the nail salon? Don’t forget to plan for trial sessions.

1. Write up your vows.

What words will you choose to de-

scribe your feelings? Time to brainstorm!

Finally, draft your prenuptial agreement and marriage contract

– a task that’s decidedly unromantic, but essential nonetheless.

Remember to book everything as early as possible to avoid

scrambling for a backup plan. And one last thing: where will you

spend your honeymoon?



Send your invitations early to make sure

that all of your loved ones can be pres-

ent for your big day.