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FEBRUARY 26, 2017

B y S H A R L O T


Ask anyone at East View

High School to describe in one

word what it means to be a Pa-

triot, and the answer will most

likely be “family.”

“Everybody’s family here.

All of us are well-connected,”

senior Oscar Deleon said.

Senior Nicole Padilla said

being a Patriot (East View’s

mascot) means “acting as a


It’snot just studentswho feel

this way about East View.

Principal Dave Denny is

only too happy to talk about

the close-knit school.

“To me, it’s about believing

in each other, supporting each

other, and being there in thick

and thin,” Mr. Denny said.

East View began in 2008 as

a ninth grade campus, an ex-

tension of Georgetown High

School. It became an official

high school in 2011.

“When we opened up in

2011, I remember the first time

I heard the sound of the band

practice. I thought, ‘Nowwe’re

a high school.’ It felt so good,”

Assistant principal Daniel

Garza said.

East Viewhas gained identi-

ty since then, with Mr. Denny

attributing the success of the

school to its students.

“It’s been step by step.

You’ve got to create your im-

age one student at a time. The

best way to do it is to have suc-

cessful students. The success

of East View is our students.”

Mr. Denny said.

Students are called to

demonstrate the qualities of a

Patriot, one of which involves

being brave on a daily basis.

“We want kids to be brave

enough in the hallways, so

they step in and speak out

when they see something that

shouldn’t be happening, like

kids disrespecting other kids,”

Mr. Garza said.

Patriots are also expected

to show respect in the class-


“We want the classroom

to be a safe learning envi-

ronment for Patriots to feel

safe to ask questions, know-

ing their ideas are not going

to be shot down. For kids in

the class to actually respect

someone else’s ideas that

differ from their own, that’s

being a Patriot.” Mr. Garza


Students know that being

a Patriot means representing

East View the right way.

“You have to be at your best

on and off the campus in how

you represent the school,” Mr.

Deleon said.

Students, staff form identity of fairly new East View High School


Laurel Dominguez, center, with other cheerleaders at a

football game against Cedar Park High School.


the East View

varsity football team at a game against Rouse High School.

Courtesy photos

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