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FEBRUARY 26, 2017

Former staff, what are some of your favorite moments?


ne of the things I tried to buildmywhole career onwas to build positive relationships with

our students and getting to know them. I want them to know they can be successful inside

and outside of school.

One of the most memorable things that happened to me was back when I was teaching.

I had a few students who later graduated fromRicharte High School and they had an assignment

to find a personwhomade a difference in their lives, and ask that person to be an honorary guest

at graduation. Then they were to tell stories about that person. Those kids choseme and I always

thought that was pretty neat. It brought home to me how important it is to build those positive

relationships, becauseyouneverknowthat one thing couldchange their lives forever. I always told

our staff to try tobe that one teacherwho that student is going to talkabout for the rest of their life.

Another interesting thing is at one timemyself, mywife, my son andmy daughter were all em-

ployed at Georgetown ISD for 10 years. Our daughter was hired as a science teacher out at Forbes

Middle School and now she’s an assistant principal at Taylor ISD.

It’s pretty unique to have our whole family working in the same school district.

-Leslie Michalik


ine’s probably along the same lines as my husband’s. I was a middle school language arts

teacher at Tippit for the past 15 years before I retired, and it’s hard to get middle school

boys to get excited about their English class, so I always told Leslie, ‘If it’s not fun for me,

it’s sure not going to be fun for them.’

So I didn’t care how I sounded, acted or spoke; instead, I tried to make the class as much fun

as possible. Years later, though, the kids would always come back and visit or email or call. After

some of my kids graduated, they came back and told me that I was the reason they became a

teacher—that almostmademe cry. It really impactedme, because I remember the great teachers

that I had and it meant a lot, because a couple of themhave gone on to be teachers and I’m still in

contact with them. Sometimes they contact me and ask for help.

A very memorable moment was when my son became my co-worker at Tippit. [Carlos] Cantu

had hired Leslie and I both in 1996 and then after our son graduated from college, he hired our

son as amath teacher there. That was weird to havemy son as my co-worker. I couldn’t scold him

in the hallway or anything.

-Terry Michalik


would have to say Saturday, December 7, 2013. That was the day that over 50 trucks arrived at

East View High School to set up for the Paramount Pictures movie starring Adam Sandler.

Dealing with all of the production people from Austin and Hollywood was interesting, to say

the least. Also, making sure everyone got set up in the right place at the right time was crazy.

-Brad Domitrovich


here are somanymoments, I can’t pick just one. I’ve been there anddone that atGeorgetown

ISD and it’s been a lot of fun.

One of my favoritememories ismyfirst day. Itwas thefirst time I got tohave classes of my

ownand thengetting toknowall of thekids and their families. I hadkids fromfamilies I had

already known and I had to tell themnot to call me Paula, because I needed to sound professional.

At onepoint, I taughtmyownkids and told themnot to callmemom, but that didn’t


son once shoutedmom in the gym and then all the other kids started calling me mom.

I’malso really fond of whenwe started girls athletics. Jack Frost was the superintendent at the

time and he put me in charge of it. We started the program in 1969 and the seventh and eighth

grade girls won their first championship in 1979. Those are two special years for me.

Across 50 years, though, I could list 50 things per year. There was something special each year.

-Paula Doerfler

Photos by Jonathan Adams