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FEBRUARY 26, 2017

to Georgetown Independent School District!


ur Chapter has enjoyed working with the staffs of the

elementary schools to clothe children in need and

put smiles on the faces of over 15,000 students since 1999

through our Operation School Bell program.

512-864-2542 • 900 N. Austin Ave, Ste 313 Georgetown, TX

(near Pizza Hut & Dollar Tree)

Assistance League


of Georgetown Area

Kasey Ranco,

seventh grade

student at

James Tippit

Middle School

Drake Curry,

fifth grade student at James E. Mitchell Elementary

Ryan McDonnel,

Georgetown High

School senior

Jamie Downs,

Georgetown High

School senior

Gustavo Cabral,

fifth grade student

at James E. Mitch-

ell Elementary

Helen Mendez,

fifth grade student at James E. Mitchell Elementary

Charlee Salazar,

second grade student

at James E. Mitchell


“I like that we

do fun activities

to learn. We

can do games to

learn. It can be

fun to learn!”

“This is my favorite school. It’s easy to make friends here.”

“All the students

here are really fun.

I know in other

schools bullying is

a problem, but you

don’t really see it

here. Whether in

the hallway or in

the student center,

it really did feel like

everyone had each

other’s backs.”

“Being a part of

Peer Assistance

and Leadership just

shows you don’t

know anything

about anyone at

first and it’s nice to

get to be there and

be their friend.”

“I like how we

learn a lot, espe-

cially in fifth grade

because it’s harder.

In fifth grade, you

don’t just write

little paragraphs.

You have to write

pages full.”

“My friends are fun to learn with. They don’t talk to me

constantly so I can get my work done. I have the best teachers


“Some people are

kind of nice, but

most are kind of

mean, but here peo-

ple are nice!”

Hey, kids! Why do you like school in Georgetown?

Cade Salyer,

sixth grade student at James Tippit Middle School

“It feels reallywelcoming and it feels like every day is going to

be different and exciting,”

Photos by Madison Simmons