R egisteR P ublications © THEDCREGISTER.COM FREE 2021 January OVER fifty INSIDE OVER FIFTY See Page 5 See Page 2 SENIOR SUBSCRIPTION SPECIAL TYPES OF GLAUCOMA AND THEIR SYMPTOMS See Page 3 MRS. BOOMER’S HOMEMADE RECIPES See Page 6 STATE BOUNDARY MARKER SAVED American Legion retires old flags The American Legion Post No. 59 held a Flag Retirement Ceremony (flag burning of old-aged flags) at the Little Farm on the River Campground on Nov. 7. P.G Gentrup, Bob Palmer and Tammy Wagner put on the ceremony with the campers attending and helping with the cer- emony. Several campers brought old raged and worn out flags that they wanted to be retired with honor. Gentrup and Palmer demonstrated proper folding of the flag while Tammy Wagner told what each of the 13 folds stood for. There was a flag cutting ceremony with Dan Knight cutting and Tammy Wagner explaining what each of the 13 stripes and stars stood for. Then all of the old flags were placed on the fire one by one by kids and adults to be disposed of properly. A flag is placed in the fire during the retirement ceremony. Dan Knight demonstrates the proper way to cut a flag for retirement. Sienna King sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Photos by Mason J. Uhlmansiek P. G. Gentrup and Bob Palmer perform the proper flag-folding pro- cedure. Kids were able to bring flags so they could be retired.