2 Last Minute Gift Guide 2020 One of the challenges each holiday sea- son is coming up with novel gifts for loved ones. For those who seemingly have it all and might not need another Santa sweater or fruit basket, an experience gift might be the perfect t. Giving experiences can be ful lling for gifters and show recipients that the gift was given ample thought. There are no shortages of experiences to offer. However, people who enjoy arts and crafts may enjoy being on the receiving end of a crafty experience this year. • Glass-blowing: Glass-blowing is an art form that turns molten glass into color- ful and eye-catching pieces. Blown glass can be transformed into everything from wine goblets to ornaments. Instructors can teach gift recipients how to form glass into desired nished products and decorate them with swirls, patterns and colors. Check with local glass-blowing artisans (many are lo- cated in tourist centers and seaside towns) to nd out if they offer experience gifts. • Paint and sip: Paint and sip businesses are thriving, as scores of novice artists pro- duce impressive artwork while sipping a glass of vino. A friend or a family member who aspires to be the next Bob Ross will likely enjoy a paint and sip gift. • Farmhouse style crafts: Businesses that teach individuals how to create farm- house crafts take them through the step-by- step process of turning raw wood boards and shelves into stained and stenciled farm- house-inspired pieces. With clever sayings like “Home is where our story begins” or “Smith Family, Est. 2019,” it’s never been easier to create custom pieces in just a few hours. • Pottery: Pottery studios can now be found as stand-alone buildings or as fran- chised establishments in area shopping malls. Recipients can choose among vari- ous projects and walk away with a painted and red trea - sure that can be displayed for years. • Brewing: With the rise of craft breweries, apprentice shops have turned up across the country. A craft beer expe- rience gift may be just what a budding brewer needs to start creating his or her own beers. Craft-inspired experience gifts can be customized for people with a wide range of interests. Crafty experiences f o r h o l i d ay g i f t s People who enjoy arts and crafts may enjoy being on the receiving end of a crafty experience this year.