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I would like to

take this opportunity

to welcome you to

Pipestone, Minnesota.

We are known as the

home of the NaƟve

American Peace Pipe

Quarries, thus the name of Pipestone. The Pipestone

NaƟonal MonƵment is the caretaker of the ƋƵarrLJ

sites and we encoƵraŐe LJoƵ to visit the monƵment

and learn more about the history of the pipe,

NaƟve American cƵstoms related to the pipe, how

the pipe material is ƋƵarried, and how the stone is

transformed into a pipe.

/n addiƟon to the MonƵment we have manLJ

other aƩracƟons sƵch as oƵr downtown historic

district, historic Calumet Inn Hotel, the museum

and oƵr ƋƵaint downtown shoppinŐ. Pipestone

has one of the two remaining cement water towers

in the State of Minnesota that marks the skyline of

the commƵnitLJ. Whether LJoƵ are drivinŐ, walkinŐ

or ďikinŐ there are a nƵmďer of historic ƋƵartnjite

ďƵildinŐs scaƩered throƵŐhoƵt oƵr commƵnitLJ that

are representaƟve of late 1ϵth and earlLJ 20th centƵrLJ

architectƵre. dake the Ɵme to stop ďLJ the Pipestone

Chamďer Oĸce or the Pipestone CoƵntLJ MƵseƵm for

edžact locaƟons and detailed informaƟon aďoƵt oƵr

ƋƵartnjite ďƵildinŐs.

Pipestone is also recoŐninjed for the cƵltƵral

acƟviƟes that the commƵnitLJ hosts throƵŐhoƵt the

year. Be it community plays, musical performances,

the Water dower &esƟval, Civil War aLJs, cƵltƵre

fesƟviƟes, or the Pipestone CoƵntLJ &air, there are

acƟviƟes for LJoƵ to enjoLJ in the commƵnitLJ.

AŐain, welcome to Pipestone, enjoLJ LJoƵrself and

we are here to serve LJoƵ. Whether LJoƵ are staLJinŐ

for an hoƵr, a few daLJs or makinŐ LJoƵr move here,

take Ɵme to visit the manLJ sites and acƟviƟes that

Pipestone has to offer.

WŝƉestone NaƟonal MonƵment ͻ Whoto ďLJ JƵlŝe arrow, WŝƉestone

Welcome from the Pipestone Area

Chamber & CVB:

We invite LJoƵ to connect with tradiƟon at

Pipestone National Monument

and experience

the tranƋƵilitLJ of the ƋƵarries held sacred ďLJ

NaƟve Americans for centƵries. Watch arƟsans

who keep alive the art of hand-carvinŐ pipestone.

Walk the scenic paved

Circle Trail

alonŐ the pink SioƵdž YƵartnjite ridŐeline,

and stand at the

1ϴϯϴ Nicollet džpedition marker


Old Stone &ace


Winneǁissa &alls

. Shop a varietLJ of aƵthenƟc NaƟve American pipestone

craŌs at the sisitor͛s Center and nearďLJ ŐiŌ shops.

/n addiƟon to the MonƵment, edžplore so mƵch more in Pipestone͊ See the

World͛s >argest Peace Pipe

, stroll among classic cars during a

Summer Car

Cruinjin͛ vent

, and take the self-ŐƵided walkinŐ toƵr of the

Historic Downtown


. Accompany costumed guides for the

Pipestone 'host Walks

;SatƵrdaLJ eveninŐs MaLJ 27 - Sept. 2Ϳ. dhe arts are alive and well in Pipestone͊

Take in a show at our

Pipestone Performing Arts Center

--- from naƟonallLJ-

known performers to viďrant commƵnitLJ theater prodƵcƟons to reŐional

choral ensemďles. Zeward the foodie in LJoƵ with made-from-scratch pies,

moƵthwaterinŐ pinjnja, delicioƵs ďƵrŐers, and other cƵlinarLJ treats at a varietLJ

of familLJ-rƵn restaƵrants. Shop oƵr charminŐ ďoƵƟƋƵes, anƟƋƵe stores, and

ŐiŌ shops with friendlLJ cƵstomer service. &or oƵtdoor lovers, pedal the prairie


Casey :ones State Trail

;ďike rentals availaďleͿ, or retreat jƵst soƵth of town

to S

plit Rock Creek State Park

to Įsh, kaLJak, and canoe. /f LJoƵ͛re travelinŐ with

children, a visit to the

Pipestone &amily AƋuatic Center

is a mƵst͊ /n addiƟonal

to modern hotels, LJoƵ can staLJ at a historic hotel or even sleep in a Ɵpi at the


dhe Pipestone Area Chamďer Θ CsB is located convenientlLJ on h.S. HiŐhwaLJ

75, the <inŐ of drails. Stop in or call Ƶs at 507-825-3316 for assistance with anLJ

of the following:

Planning zour sisit ʹ Individual and 'roup Itineraries Available

sisitor Information ʹ Maps, Menus, sisitor 'uides, Shopping &

ntertainment 'uides, MN DNR WalkͲInͲAccess Hunting Atlases, MN

Bicycle Maps, and Historic Doǁntoǁn Walking 'uide Books

Seasonal Calendar of vents

Resources for Class & &amily Reunions, Weddings, & Other vents

&or more informaƟon and oƵr online CommƵnitLJ vents Calendar, please


We look forward to LJoƵr visit to Minnesota͛s soƵthwest corner to

Discover ǁhat͛s ηOnlyinPipestone͊



WŝƉestone rea hamďer oĨ ommerce Θ sB