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Hometown Highlights


The Historic Calumet Inn

104 W. Main St • L-10 Map Coordinates

The historic stone landmark in downtown Pipestone, and anchor of the Historic

istrict, is the CalƵmet /nn. dhe hotel Ƶnderwent a Ψ3million renovaƟonͬrestoraƟon

and re-opened Feb. 7, 1981.

The hotel’s history has been compared to the legendary phoenix, rising to re-open

aŌer disaster. dhe Įrst Őrand hotel was located one ďlock north of the present

structure, where the First Bank & Trust now stands at the corner of 2nd St. NW and

Hiawatha Avenue. The 60-room facility was built by the Close Brothers, English land

aŐents, at a cost of Ψ25,000 and was destroLJed in two hoƵrs ec. 15, 1886 ďLJ Įre.

Townspeople desperately wanted a grand hotel to serve the trains which were the

lifeblood of the early community. Two bankers announced plans to build a new bank

at the corner of Hiawatha AvenƵe and Main Street, the present CalƵmet locaƟon. /t

was decided to include the hotel with the bank. The corner door would be for the

bank and east and north doors would be for the hotel.

The new Calumet Hotel would include 50 rooms in three stories and cost $30,000.

The Sioux Quartzite, the primary building stone, was taken from quarries at Pipe-

stone. Darker stone for trim came from quarries at nearby Jasper.

ConstrƵcƟon ďeŐan in the fall of 1887. dhe Őrand openinŐ was dhanksŐivinŐ aLJ

1888. /n 1ϵ00 a larŐe addiƟon to the rear of the ďƵildinŐ was added. /n 1ϵ13 work

ďeŐan on addinŐ a foƵrth Ňoor and 30 addiƟonal rooms.

Besides serving passengers on trainlines, the hotel was important to the local

economy. Traveling salesmen would set up shop in rooms at the Calumet, working

out of their suitcases.

Business declined with the growth of automobiles. In 1967 there was talk of razing

the ďƵildinŐ as part of Ƶrďan renewal and the top Ňoors were closed in 1ϵ68.

dhe state Įre marshal ordered the hotel closed in 1ϵ78 ďecaƵse of Ƶnsafe wirinŐ

and other condiƟons. /t had ďeen servinŐ as a roominŐ hoƵse at the Ɵme, havinŐ

ďeen named to the NaƟonal ZeŐister of Historic Sites in 1ϵ75.

/n 1ϵ7ϵ a complete restoraƟon ďeŐan. dhe ďƵildinŐ was retƵrned as mƵch as

possiďle to the looks of its oriŐinal constrƵcƟon, ďƵt with modern conveniences


/n addiƟon to the cƵrrent 38 ŐƵest rooms ;manLJ fƵrnished with anƟƋƵesͿ and the

eleŐant dininŐ room, the /nn now inclƵdes loƵnŐes and meeƟnŐ rooms.

Historic Calumet Inn • Photo by Mark Thode, Pipestone

Historic Calumet Inn • Photo by Mark Thode, Pipestone

Historic Downtown District • Photo by Julie Carrow, Pipestone