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From big rivers to small creeks and huge reservoirs to

stock ponds, Central Montana offers anglers a little bit of

everything. Below is a list of fishable waters in the region,

along with the type of fish and the general location, which

corresponds with the map on the facing page. All of the

waters below have some public access and/or are stocked

each year by the Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Fish, Wildlife and

Parks policy is to stock lakes and ponds; flowing water is not


1. Big Spring Creek: Originates four miles southeast of

Lewistown. Flows 26 miles northwest until it empties into

the Judith River. Primary species: brown and rainbow trout.

No stocking occurs.

2. Frog Ponds: Located on south side of Lewistown, bor-

dered by Airport Road and Spring Street. Primary species:

Rainbow trout. The upper pond is stocked with 1,250 trout

at different times of the season; the lower pond is stocked

with 1,000 trout.

3. Big Casino Creek Reservoir: Located 1.5 miles south of

Lewistown off Castle Butte Road. In 2015 and 2016, there

were 5,000 2-inch largemouth bass stocked in the reservoir;

in prior years some crappie were stocked. Rainbow trout and

small perch have also been reported in recent years.

4. Hansen Creek Reservoir – Located 6 miles southeast of

Lewistown, just east of Big Spring Trout Hatchery. Primary

species: rainbow trout. Stocked annually with approximate-

ly 6,000 4-inch rainbows.

5. East Fork Reservoir: Located 11 miles southeast of

Lewistown on Route 238. Primary species: northern pike,

perch. In 2017, 1,000 rainbow trout will be stocked at East


6. Crystal Lake: Located 30 miles south of Lewistown on

Crystal Lake Road. Primary species: rainbow trout.

Typically stocked twice per year with 1,000 fish.

7. Ackley Lake: Located 25 miles west of Lewistown,

near Hobson. Primary species: Rainbow trout. Will be

stocked this year with 45,000 rainbows. In 2015, for the

first time Ackley received 5,000 tiger muskie ranging from

1.5 to 4 inches in length.

8. Judith River: Originates in Little Belt Mountains,

flows east and then north until it reaches Missouri River

near the PN Bridge. Limited public access. Primary spe-

cies: trout in upper reaches; catfish, warm-water fish in

lower reaches. No stocking occurs.

9. Upper and Lower Carter Ponds: Located 7 miles north

of Lewistown off Hwy. 191. Primary species: Rainbow

trout. Ponds were treated in 2015 and all fish were elimi-

nated due to illegally planted bluegills. Ponds were re-

stocked in 2016 with trout of varying sizes, and in 2017 the

Upper pond will be stocked with 3,000 rainbow and the

Lower Pond will receive 1,500 rainbow. Traditionally, very

productive trout reservoirs.

10. Warm Spring Creek: Originates at Gigantic Warm

Springs west of Brooks off state highway 81. Flows west

until reaching the Judith River. Primary species: trout, bass,

some sauger.

11. Upper Missouri River: Portion which flows through

Central Montana includes the Wild and Scenic portion

north of Winifred as wells as the Upper Missouri River

Breaks National Monument and portions of the Charles M.

Russell National Wildlife Refuge. Primary species: Catfish,

sauger, paddlefish, sturgeon, walleye, and many others.

12. Fort Peck Lake: Primary access point in Central

Montana is Crooked Creek Recreation Area. Can be

accessed near Bohemian Corner off Hwy. 191 or at Winnett

off Hwy. 200. Both routes include around 50 miles of

gravel road. Primary species: walleye, northern pike, small-

mouth bass, perch, crappie, salmon, and many others.

Stocked annually with: walleye, northern pike, Chinook

salmon, smallmouth bass. Reports of 10-15 pound Chinooks

have been received.

13. Petrolia Reservoir: Located east of Winnett, off Hwy.

200. Primary species: walleye, perch, northern pike.

Scheduled to receive 20,000 walleye.

14. Yellow Water Reservoir: Located 12 miles south of

Winnett. Primary species: In recent years, has had abun-

dance of carp and suckers and trout fishing has been poor.

However, FWP continues to stock with trout, including

1,000 this year.

15. Missouri Breaks reservoirs: There are a number of

reservoirs in the Missouri River Breaks area east of Roy

and north of Winnett that are stocked annually by the FWP

and provide excellent fishing for panfish, bass and trout.

16. Deadman’s Basin Reservoir: Southeast of Harlowton

near Shawmut, the reservoir is 2,000 acres and can be up to

100 feet deep at normal water levels. Irrigation use during

the summer means significant draw down may occur. A

fishing access site is on the southwest end of the lake,

although most of the fishing is by boat. Large trout, both

rainbow and brown, have been reported. This year the lake

will be stocked with 200,000 rainbow, 100,000 Kokanee

salmon and 20,000 brown trout.