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Ag in Action 2017


Lentils are tougher and don’t split because they are

smaller. But you have to have your header right on the

ground to harvest them.”

Hatelid said pulse crop growers can sell their harvest to

Columbia Grain, which will come pick up the harvest, or to

some of the local elevators such as Clearview seed.

Prices for wheat have been down for the past couple

of years, Hatelid said, although she thinks perhaps

spring wheat might do better this year than last.

“Quite a few acres of wheat didn’t get seeded

last fall due to weather,” Hatelid said. “We had a

really wet fall, which is great for moisture but may

lead to some disease issues.”

Cattle markets are still not showing signs of recovery,

Hatelid said, but sheep may be a bright spot for some


“Sheep have been doing pretty well the last couple of

years,” Hatelid said. “Part of the stigma against lamb used

to be those who served in the World Wars, who had to eat

a lot of mutton. Now we are seeing more lamb on menus

and it’s use is becoming more widespread.”

“Beef is still on the lower end of the market,” she added.

“Trade negotiations and export markets have a lot to do

with beef prices, so many are playing a waiting game.”

Hatelid’s best advice for growers is diversification.

“If you have livestock, think about planting some fields

in cover crops and using the residue as feed,” she explained.

“If you are not set up for crops, or not set up for livestock,

work with your neighbors and see what can be done.”

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