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Ag in Action 2017


A one-mile stretch of salt ceder was treated in July (left). The same plant is shown in November

(right). Yearly monitoring of salt cedar is necessary because plants may come back from the roots.

Photos courtesy of Wheatland County Weed Board

This spring, insects were used to

help control Dalmation toadflax.

Five employees (including the two at

left) went to spread the insects on a

Wheatland County ranch to help with

biocontrol of toadflax. A workshop

was held to help start the development

of an insect collection site for control

of the noxious weed.

For more information, contact your

Wheat land County Weed Di s t r i c t Of f i ce

Gary Olsen,

Wheatland County Weed District Supervisor

701 Wheatland Avenue South •

406-632-4138 • 406-231-6039

The folks representing our weed district at Wheatland County are:

Extension Agent: Mandi Reed, Office - 632-4728

Conservation District: Cheryl Miller,

Office - 632-5536

NRCS Conservationist: Monty Lane,

Office - 632-5534

Commissioners: Richard Moe, David Miller,

Tom Bennett - 632-4891

Weed Board: Grant Morse, Holly Schwers,

Kent Hereim, Shawn Peters

Noxious Weed Management Advisory Council:

Linda Eklund