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Ag in Action 2017

Dr. Tina Berg




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“For organic farmers, the demand is good and the prices

are good. They are somewhat insulated from global pricing

trends,” Oien said. “It’s still not easy, though. The biggest

challenge for any farmer is they are not in control of their

own destiny.”

But business is good, Oien said, and organic farmers of

the area are happy.

“We are paying 60-70 cents a pound for lentils grown

organically, especially to small and mid-size farmers. We’ve

been able to make that work for 30 years, and our mission

is to make it keep working. We want farmers in the U.S. and

around the world to the get the premiums they deserve.”

Not only does Timeless promote local farmers, but it

also promotes agricultural sustainability, Oien added, as

organic farming has many beneficial impacts on the land.

“We want the soil to be more healthy and we want

consumers to have more nutritious food,” he said. “That’s

why we started with organic farming in the first place.

Now you see a lot more farmers going into it for economic

reasons, but we had no way to anticipate that in the

seventies and early eighties.”

Grateful reflection

Oien said he feels tremendously fortunate Timeless

Seed has grown into what it is now.

“It’s impossible to anticipate, imagine or even dream

about what we’ve been able to accomplish here,” Oien said.

“It’s all been a big surprise.”

At the same time, nothing happens by accident.

“For Timeless to have this kind of success, it takes a lot

of dedication and hard work,” Oien said. “We saw the need

and we created the infrastructure to bring our product

from the farms to the market.”

David Oien


Timeless Seeds CEO David Oien stands on his


Photo courtesy of David Oien