This day has finally come...Before you could even start this school journey Satan tried to take us both out, but God said, "NOT MY CHILDREN" and allowed us to continue in our journeys together. Through it ALL you have been AMAZING & made pride to small of a word to describe my emotions. I'm thankful I was blessed to guide you through the beginning of your journey in this thing we call life, and if this has been your beginning I can't wait to see what else God has set for you. Thank you for making your mark (looking effortless), while having the weight of the world on your heart & staying true to yourself. I know taking on the spirits of your brothers (Tyson, TreShon, and Darius) to become the BEST RUNNING BACK in Columbus history (even though your heart belongs to the hardwood) is something this town will NEVER forget & I will ALWAYS cherish!! To My Babyboy aka "THE GRAND FINALE" Continue living your life on your terms because no matter what...I'll ALWAYS be here to support you!!! Tyree Elijah Simcik Congratulations Class of 2020 Graduate Tyree Elijah Simcik Love always & 4eva, Mama