2 The Colorado County Citizen Wednesday, April 22, 2020 Even in normal times, doctors and nurses play a heroic role in saving lives. Now, however, they are working tire- lessly to protect citizens who are sus- ceptible to the COVID-19 virus while working under, in some cases, unthink- able conditions. Working Conditions Doctors are working under extreme pressure and high risk to save the lives of citizens who are defenseless to the coronavirus. At the same time, many hospitals are short on personal pro- tective equipment — including gloves, masks and gowns — due to high de- mand during the global outbreak. This means the staff who need to treat patients are more at risk of catching COVID-19 themselves. Luckily, some people who are shel- tered at home and have plenty of time on their hands have found ways to be helpful. By doing a simple Google search, anyone can nd the best meth - ods and materials for making basic face masks that are almost as ef cient as the factory-made ones. Coffee or vacuum lters offer more protection than scarves, according to a New York Times article. If the fabric is dense enough to not let light pass through it easily, it is dense enough to help slow the transmission of viruses. People have begun to craft these masks, and many donate what they make to their local hospitals for the doctors and nurses to use while treat- ing and testing patients with symptoms of the coronavirus. Others may donate the masks to people who need the extra protection, including elderly neighbors. If you’re interested in donating masks or supplies to your local hospital, make sure to check with the hospital and nd out what they need rst. Frances & I appreciate all the extra time everyone in the community has put in to help keep us safe! If you think you are going through Hell... KEEP ON GOING. Stan and Frances Warfield Eagle Lake, Texas Courtesy | RMC Rice Medical Center’s Victoria Moore enters information at the nurse’s station. D o c t o r s a n d N u r s e s ■ HEALTHCARE, 6